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Will there be a name and number for the locker?

Number of the locker is provided by the teacher. It is the same as that of the roll No. of the child. It has been written on the locker itself.

What kind of locks to be used?

It is a tiny lock that is used for small lockers. A sample will be kept at the school reception.

Whether the school provides a specific lock or the child brings of his/her own?

No. The parent will provide the lock for the child.

Will a duplicate key be with the class teacher?


What about valuables/ eatables?

Valuables and eatables/perishables will not be kept in the locker.

Will the school authorities inspect the locker from time to time?

The school authorities may inspect if there is a need.

What can be kept in the locker?

Sketch book, any book which the child does not want to carry home, Drawing pencils/ crayons, personal sports articles etc.

Can water bottle be kept in the locker?


When does the child forfeit his /her locker?

When he/she does not comply with the conditions of use of lockers, after three such instances of non-compliance.

What will the school authorities do when things are lost?

It will take all necessary efforts to find the lost things but will not provide replacements either in cash or kind.

When will the child need to return the locker?

When he/she moves into a new class or when there is a change in the classroom after emptying its contents and cleaning the same, keeping it ready for use for the next child.

For any other query, whom do we contact?

The School reception- in writing. You will receive a feedback within 3 working days. Solutions that need immediate attention will be duly provided ASAP


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